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Car Profiles

So I’ve had this idea for quite a while now, to help people find the car they want using my knowledge of recent models and how they compare. I’ve had the chance to work with a few buyers to do just that. The idea being–the client gives me a type of car they like, down to the specific body style of one car they like, maybe an old car. They tell me what they want in a car–more trunk room, good gas mileage, heated seats, all their preferences. Then, I create what I call a profile. I take a few cars that I think have what they’re looking for, compare them side by side (with likely more information than they want) to help them decide which one to buy. I don’t decide for them, I give them options.

My latest challenge is from my neighbor Terry. She’s looking for a non-old person car, but she wants everything those cars boast:comfort, options, leather, toys. Oh yeah, and heated butt warmers. Who doesn’t want those! She does not want an SUV as she already drives a Lexus. But she wants a Toyota product. That whittled the list down pretty greatly. I gave her the Lexus HS, Lexus IS and the Camry Hybrid. No great genius there. You probably considered those three off the top of your head. Given, that she DOES NOT want the Avalon. It was a fun exercise though, and reminded me of my car profile idea. Terry and I are going test driving on Sunday. Nothing like a weekend test drive…ahhhhh.

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10 2010