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The thrill of publication

Okay so since I just started this blog, I thought I’d share about the cool plugins and widgets I found. We’ve all seen the calendar and clock options. I was less than excited about employing those on my site. But when I looked, I found a few that you can customize and beyond that, some that fit with the theme of my blog. Who would have known!

My favorites are the Web2Carz plugin–that gives you the option of searching for a new ride, or just seeing what’s out there, in your zip code. I especially like it since when I first installed it, it displayed the car I drive now in the same color! YES (small victories!) I also love the WP Car plugin–for no other reason than it displays a hot car in the sidebar of my site. I sound a little like an enthusiast saying ‘hot’ like that, but you know what I mean. I doubt you’ll see a Kia Sportage or a Nissan Sentra in that plugin. No offense of course to the drivers of said models, life happens. I also really like the faded out cloud display around the car. Nicely done, WP Car, nicely done.

I thought the twitter plugin might be a nice add since I don’t tweet that much, but when I do it has little to do about cars. That seems counter-intuitive but I think it shows the author is a normal person who thinks about other things than just the topic of this site. They are never profound thoughts (its a tweet) but it gives the site a little personality and shares a small amount of information about me, the author.

Last but not least, the tag cloud. I’ve been to blogs where this thing is HUGE. I have styled mine to be larger, but I think I’m still accumulating enough tags (ie. enough blogs to facilitate said tags) to create a bigger cloud. The font size varies pretty greatly, so you end up having topic links right there at the beginning of your site, and I think it’s a fun way to access archived posts rather than the drop down bar I provided farther down.

Good times! If you find any other plugins or widgets you think I might enjoy or would work with this site, shoot them my way.

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10 2010