Exploring my Hometown with a Camera

China Town: Where It's At

I'd never explored this part of town. Before doing this photo essay, the downtown DC I knew was the monuments and museums on the Mall. But China Town, well, it might as well have been Olney (as in, too far away to visit.) Perhaps as is the case with Olney (which I doubt,) I didn't realize what I was missing!

An area my parents say is "good for a visit," is now where some of my friends call home. There's a ton of cool places to spend your money, as if you needed a reason...And although there are more chains than I'd like, China Town is a very happening spot. Capitols jerseys abound with the Verizon Center right there, but the cafes, shops and restaurants make up for the parking crunch. Next time I buy a fabulous outfit, this will be on my list of places to 'be seen.'