Exploring my Hometown with a Camera

Metro: Don't Knock It

In 9th grade, I went to Holy Cross Academy in Kensington. It was awful. I don't recommend it. But, everyday I took the metro to school. When I worked at the Capitol, my daily commute was a few more stops, but I only had to change trains once (Metro Center naturally!)

So, while I could have gone a lot longer without feeling the need to ride the M, I figured it wouldn't hurt to increase my knowledge of the area. So I got a 'Smart Trip,' and jumped on board. I read the Metro Express and realized why regulars avoid their distribution and bring a book. Coming from KC where we drove everywhere and only had the bus for another option, I appreciate the Metro a lot more now. It's a good thing...unless it's 5pm, you like strangers inside your bubble and enjoy the smell of body odor.